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You are alive
Sweat drips off your forehead
everything around you is lost
you're dedicated to this one task
you feel victory is within grasp
almost there, you can taste it, already imagining conquest
shatter, break, tear, explode, lost yet again
you get up again, but the pain brings you back down
you close your eyes, silently cursing the world's workings
and slowly fade down into hands that bring a silent hush over the scene
you fall through holes only to land feet first for the next dreaded challenge
you are alive.
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Ghost's Pen
I can see the ghosts conducting their individual boats like flies
Hovering frantically over a mound of garbage
Unsure where to settle and take a look down beneath the surface
They wipe their eyes of their tears but the salty liquid could never wash their hands of the ink from sin's pen
Ghosts sharing pain blow their boats' horns searching for some kindred spirit wailing that same haunting tune that brings shivers to the spine
Each note riddled with the soft ghastly undertones of shadow and wisp
Boats floating noiselessly into obscurity
Each ghost like forgotten memories drowned in the abyss of the endless horizon
The real trick is finding yourself among the ghosts
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The horizon seemed way too close. Like I could swim to it from here following the flow of the slow easy ripples on the dock. The ships just floating there telling me to steal one away and let the wind carry me into the swallowing darkness of the setting sun. An obnoxious punctual light that announces its departure.
For me, the artificial lights are fine. I can turn them on or off on command. I can block them out with my hands. A man in the dark is an assassin but in the light he is a business man. He has a family and weaknesses. Light revealing flaws as it were. A world without light is my world. I would blend right in, hiding in the shadowy fauna of a world covered in darkness and solitude.
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Endless ripples reaching towards the horizon like so many agitations aimlessly hunting perfection. A ghost's presence like a widow's glance over her shoulder at a distant past. Lights lining a highway with one bulb turned out in the many. A face without eyes a body with no soul. Incomplete smiles.
Like a constant swirl fighting and crashing over. Oil and water filling a pool, a violent shake then a quick separation. A stone skipping across this liquid mixture, 1, 2, 3, 4 then consumed. As the stone plummets to the bottom, bubbles drift to the surface like layers of a life passing and revealing the finale. Stone.
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It's all from the signs Danny. It's all intermeshed in such a thick layer of confusion that we see it all as truth and blindly accept it. Grown men lying to themselves without a clue. Do you see it? Huh? Do you?!
~Draws miscellaneous markings on the walls as Danny stares dumbfounded~
Bells ringing telling us to wake up, but do we? No. We hit that snooze button asking for five more minutes of that dream because there we have a purpose we can truly define. We live each moment like it's yours and mine. A blissful euphoria that we cover ourselves with. Dream the dream. Put on your mask and be okay so long as the dreams continue.
We live off these plastic organs interlocked and sewn up underneath our skin. Our real organs spilled out in front of us and our masked faces reflected in pools of shimmering drying crimson blood. What happened to the pain of losing our hearts and our lungs? That scar, branding us blind and dumb.
I too wanted to dream. I found what I'd wanted and I searched and I h
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Moonshine light creating the half man eclipse shadow
Step by step, 2 step follows the carved asphalt
Shotgun spread the stars in the sky, blink blink shine
Mind wandering from point to point, a net forming
Catching the stray sounds and thoughts of the night mind
Rays bursting over the horizon
Cracking the surface, net shoved out
Eclipsed shadow turns and shifts
The length of him extended, shadows curved
Shadow silhouette foggy and blurred under burning light
Body illuminated, surface boiling, sunshine light
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Trip Back Home
Even after ten years of rain and sleet, the charred smell sears through these empty halls. the wallpaper is peeled, and the section of roof collapsed lets in all the rain. The past ten years have been dismal and wet. Torrents of rain enter through the hole in the roof but the house still sand, however broken and dark its inside and outside is. It stands outside the boundaries of the city, away from the possibility of being torn down. I don't know how I'd live if I lost this home too. These walls were s strong. They heard children's shouts and saw couples kiss. IN the end, it still serves as firewood for the fire. As if all the happiness fell down as oil and brimstone instead of rain.
I promised I'd visit again after ten years, but, now that I'm here, I realize that it was all my fault. I wasn't one to think of the weather. After all this, though, I fear it.
One night, I'd been staying late at the office; Sara hates it when I do that. While I filled out the usual paperwork and responded
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Casualty of War
The bombshells can be heard from the outside. The foreboding frightful explosions thundering across the war scape.  While I lay in my bunker bleeding from missing left leg, removed from the middle of the thigh down. As my desperate useless cries scream across the bunker to the other soldiers in pain, only, my screams eclipse theirs. The soldiers have already reached the bunker and my door is first.
I then hear the loud crashing and smashing as the enemy attempts to break my door, foreign words of blood lust and hatred heard shouted in command. I reach desperately for my pistol. Ready. The door breaks and my shots are the first to pierce skull and mind. As the soldiers lower their weapons in confusion and shock my body lies limp to the side, enemy ammo counts as high as they were before entering the room. The soldiers laugh to themselves uneasily, a casualty of war. Another sickeningly horrific sight burned into their minds.
AS the sound of shots ring through the bunker sugges
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Apollo's Gift
You shivered on that cold winter's day
As the ice suddenly melted, your gaze shifted upwards
I, as Apollo, had brought you The Sun
Fiery and Red, you said your were Warm
You asked to sleep comfortably upon this hill
I grabbed the edge of the night sky
Moon, sky, and stars
And covered your shivering body as u smiled your way to sleep
And as night turned to day
His Chariot brought another Sun
Moon in line with Fireball, Stars dotting the Heavens
Sunset and Sunrise, intertwined in a mesh of light and heat
His steeds came to a stop at your feet
While he descended from his Golden Throne
In that Night I'd given you my Eyes
Yet you said you were Blind
Eyeless, I stared at you
Heard, as his palm met yours
As your delicate feet rose to his Throne
Hand on his Chest
head upon his shoulder, His chariot took flight
And your last glance to me, I never saw
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Hit Em Hard
If only you knew how hard the words hit me
If you only knew the weight of your tears
Though all I ever long for is your smile
All I see are your doubts and fears
I can feel you in my arms
But you won't feel me
I heard all your cries from afar
But your face I never see
Its shrouded in black
Those perfect words I so long for
Reclusive and afraid
My boat will never reach your shore
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Peace: Back By Popular Demand by SaifGuard Peace: Back By Popular Demand :iconsaifguard:SaifGuard 0 0
Awake Awake
I remain awake while they all so blissfully slumber. If I could trade places only once, even if only a moment. Awake I can feel and ache; I can choke and burn. Oh how sweet slumber must be! A reprieve in all its drowsy glory. If I were asleep, oh how I would dream. Oh how I would love and live! Imagine and breath in the sweet fragrances my mind can conjure. Like a drug for all my woes. My eyes shut and my mind groggy. Dreaming away, that's what I would do. Dream of a place far away. Far away from here. An island where only I reside, that I may sleep once again and dream once again. I'd dream of a place where art comes alive with color and motion rather than lie there like lines strewn across my universal canvas. It's not finished. Maybe that is why I cannot sleep. I cannot experience the bliss of overbearing silence. Gears and wires twisting here and there inside my head. God why can't I sleep?! Watching those lucky enough to fall so comfortable upon their pillow. Am I doomed to remain
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I simply scooted on outta life. Just slipped right out the back door before anyone noticed. The angel of death had already pulled up in a black car upon my exit. I asked for a moment to leave my note and upon that note I'll scribed: "I've lived, I've learned, I've seen, I've heard, but the time has come for me to leave, away away to the longest reprieve," and I left it with no signature. Then the angel of death tapped his watch while looking at me from under his dark hood; I noticed no light in his eyes. I slowly trudged towards the car, opened the passenger door, and slid myself in. We drove for hours and the whole while I looked out the window even though it was tinted and difficult to see. I put my own images on that blank screen. I wondered about my years knowing i lived them the only way i could: alive. And I closed my eyes for a moment listening to a few memories, seeing others. The car stopped abruptly during one of my memories and I saw the angel opening my door for me. He moti
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The riot started this whole incident. Rallying a good hundred prisoners, Flint's group raided and attacked the watch towers in the courtyard. They stole weapons and food and garrisoned themselves in the towers, hoping more prisoners would join. The prison had been in an uproar; they believed Arden to be the culprit. His windows had been sealed off under the king's order. King Morte believed light was too much of a commodity for this one. Even food was limited to scraps given once a day.
He was to be an example for other prisoners, if say, they were to get out of line. No one else lifted a hand in response. From then on, he was restricted to his cell. Months of starvation and beatings left him decrepit and hopeless. Most days he sat at the far end of the cell, staring at the floor of the cell. His muscles were nonexistent, practically stripped to the bone. The other prisoners feared him, however weak he looked. His eyes had a longing for the sun no man could've understood, like deep bla
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Eyes affixed to stained red hands
Labeled the victim or just afraid to run
Cornered by their gazes and pointed fingers
Segregated by their words and their rumors
Abandoned by their once guarding light
Smiles fade and frowns swallow me whole
Scarred by rejection and emptied of pity
I turn to the fate administered by shadow
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-No Title As Of Yet-
Rosenthral was his home, but Grant loved being on the move. Seeing every sight he could see, staying at every hotel, experiencing culture and opinion. These are the things that brought him back. Away from that gray world he so despised. Away from  some of the sights he did not want to see.
It was high noon when Rosenthral came into sight. Grant was always the kind of person to rake beautiful days as an omen. Today he felt strangely uneasy. However, even with his nervousness, he could not deny how perfect the day was. The sun warmed his light brown skin, but every virtue comes with a vice. And so, with the sun's bright lights his scars revealed themselves. Two scars one on his left cheek and another above his right eyebrow. A tall cut man with an imposing shadow but a cheerful smile.
The Rosenthral Gates were always open and welcoming. It was not a city to rival those of the thriving metropolises of the north and east. It held the requirements of most all towns. A school, hosp
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Ya so summer has been pretty chill. Gonna be callin/textin friends to hang out and such besides that kinda don't want summer to end so ya haha

My own update, im still single, been writin for movies and being treasurer for my youth group. Good stuff :D
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